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The CINEMA 5 sequence alignment editor is available for free download.

-- 17th November 2004 New version: 0.2.1-BETA. See here for details of additions, changes & bug fixes in the current release.


CINEMA 5 (Colour INteractive Editor for Multiple Alignments) is an interactive visual tool for the interpretation and manipulation of protein and DNA sequences. CINEMA 5 allows the user to interactively construct and edit and visualise multiple sequence alignments. CINEMA 5 provides a highly intuitive, flexible and user-friendly interface with many features:

See the online help file for more details

Problems, bug reports, comments...

If you have any problems downloading or installing CINEMA 5, want to report a bug, or if you have any comments/suggestions then please contact us via the Utopia user group. This group provides a forum for end users of the Utopia project. For the latest information about CINEMA 5, announcements of forthcoming updates and access to the message board archive please become a memebr of the group. You can join by visiting the group home page and clicking on the 'Join This Group!' button.


So that we have some idea of who's using CINEMA 5, we ask that you fill in some details on the form below. We understand that you might not want to do this however, in which case leave the entries as 'anonymous', select your operating system, and press Continue (but, we would really be grateful if you told us who you were!) If you provide us with a valid email address, we will only use this to contact you regarding updates and CINEMA 5 related issues, it will not be made available to other parties.

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