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DEVA: Distributed Environment for Visualisation Applications (1999 to 2001)

Deva is a system for building virtual environments and distributed visualisation applications.


DIVIPRO is a Distributed Interactive Virtual Prototyping system. The software allows collaborative assembly of complex CAD models. A number of real models were provided by Eurocopter, Sener and KL-Technik. The software combines a geometric kernel from The Labein Foundation, a finite element simulation of flexible material from DLR, an assembly and constraint manager from Salford University, all of which are integrated with Deva 3 to form a realtime distributed environment. [More]


Placeworld is the result of collaboration between computer scientists, artists and social scientists undertaken as part of the EU funded eSCAPE project. Placeworld is a distributed, multi-user virtual environment that acts as a 'meeting place' for other virtual worlds. [More]

A Game of Senet

Senet is an ancient Egyptian boardgame, an example of which was discovered during the excavation of the Kahun City ruins. In collaboration with social scientists from Manchester Metropolitan University, Deva was used to build an educational environment to experiment with teaching school children about historical artefacts using VR. [More]

The Distributed Legible City

A reworking of the original single-user Legible City (artist: Jeffrey Shaw) to form a multi-user multi-media virtual reality installation. Users, seated on modified exercise bikes and wearing head tracked head-mounted-displays interact in this virtual environment. [More]

Virtual Tourist Information Centre

A basis for ethnographic studies of an 'electronic landscape': a multi-user environment aimed at providing information whilst also supporting social interaction. [More]

The Fish Cages

The original demo of Deva's multi-user, multi-environment capabilities. Floating fish, and worlds within worlds. Esoteric and a little surreal. [More]

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