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Example Texture Hallucination Images

This set of pages contains scaled versions of all the stimuli used in the user validation studies described in:

Glencross, Mashhuda, G. Ward, C. Jay, J. Liu, F. Melendez, R. Hubbold, "A Perceptually Validated Model for Surface Depth Hallucination," ACM Trans. Graph. (special issue SIGGRAPH 2008), August 2008.

Experiment One

For readers who are curious we have also included for each test scene the inputs to our method, the captured diffuse and flash-lit photographs:

Experiment Two

The following set of images are the stimuli used in the second validation experiment, in which the depth map used to generate the rendered image was either a hallucinated depth map or an equivalent resolution one from a laser range scan.

For full details of both experimental studies please see the paper.