I am a Professor in the School of Computer Science at The University of Manchester, and a member of the Advanced Interfaces Group. My research interests are in the area of Human Computer Interaction, Visualisation, 3D Graphics and Distributed Systems.


My research interests are centred around the design of advanced interfaces for computer systems. In particular I am interested in scientific visualisation, scholarly publishing, and what is broadly termed 'virtual reality'. Much of my work has been based around the development of novel system architectures to make graphical interfaces and applications work. I am also interested in collaborative interfaces, which allow multiple users to work intuitively with applications and with one another.

My main focus for that past few years has been the design of computer architectures for scientific visualisation. At the one extreme, I have been looking at usability and performance, investigating GPU-based techniques for accelerated rendering and gathering use cases from different scientific disciplines, and at the other have developed ontology and knowledge-based techniques for managing the underlying data.

Current Research

My main research project revolves around Utopia Documents, a novel tool for interacting with the scientific literature.


In the School of Computer Science, I am the Director of Teaching Strategy, and I teach parts of COMP30071 (Advanced Computer Graphics), and COMP10502 (Fundamentals of Distributed Systems).

Recorded Talks

Some links to various talks I've done over recent years...

Other Stuff

I'm a proud member of Project Steve (I'm Steve Number 1058). The cartoon of me was drawn by Solarshine. In the real world I look like this.

Contact Me

Prof. Steve Pettifer
Room 2.95
Kilburn Building
M13 9PL
+44(0)161 275 6259

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