Dr. James Marsh

Photograph of Dr. James Marsh. A post-doctoral researcher within the Advanced Interfaces Group in the School of Computer Science at The University of Manchester, my interests are predominantly in the areas of Human Computer Interaction, Software Architectures for Collaboration, and 3D Computer Graphics.


[Image of a volume rendered dataset.] [Image of a virtual prototyping application.] [Image of an avatar within PlaceWorld.] My research spans the fields of collaborative virtual reality, high performance computer graphics, scientific visualisation, distributed computation, and architectures and user interfaces for bioinformatics applications. Common to all these areas is the desire to provide better mechanisms to explore, understand, and explain vast quantities of complex data.

Successfully achieving this goal requires an understanding of how users conceptualise their data (which is often quite different to the structures and representations used within the computer), and the devising of a suitably rich interactive vocabulary that could best express the most pertinent content. The problem is further compounded when the goal of the investigation can not be defined in precise logical terms, and so mechanisms are required to effortlessly and freely explore information spaces and imbue some measure of trust or confidence.

Another aspect of this activity that is still poorly supported is that of collaborative interaction by multiple people within rich environments. My PhD involved developing a methodology and software architecture that better supports building such applications.


My PhD dissertation is available: view online or download a printable copy.

Journal Articles

S. R. Pettifer, D. Thorne, P. McDermott, J. Marsh, A. Villéger, D. B. Kell, and T. K. Attwood. Visualising biological data: a semantic approach to tool and database integration. BMC Bioinformatics, June 2009.

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J. Marsh, M. Glencross, S. Pettifer, and R. Hubbold. A network architecture supporting consistent rich behaviour in collaborative interactive applications. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 12(3):405-416, May 2006.

Books and Chapters

S. Pettifer, J. Cook, and J. Marsh. PlaceWorld, and the evolution of electronic landscapes. In D. Snowdon, S. Benford, E. Churchill, E. Frecon, and A. Munroe, editors, Inhabited Information Spaces: Living with your data, pages 25-50. Springer Verlag, December 2003. ISBN 1852337281.

Workshop and Conference Proceedings

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J. Marsh. A Software Architecture For Interactive Multiuser Visualisation. PhD thesis, The University of Manchester, 2002.


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