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Joining the AIG as a PhD student

The Advanced Interfaces Group is always happy to hear from prospective students interested in postgraduate research in its field. We are generally looking for motivated graduates with a strong background in Computer Science who are within the top 5% of their peer group (in UK terms, this will mean holding a 1st Class or very good Upper Second Class degree, or a Computer Science MSc with an appropriate first degree).

There are generally two ways of becoming involved as a PhD student. The first and most common is to approach a member of the group's academic staff with either a proposal for a research project or (more commonly) an interest in a particular research area, which at this stage can be as general as 'visualisation', 'volume rendering', '3D interaction' or 'reconstruction techniques' etc. Once the existence of a viable project has been established with the potential supervisor, funding is sought by one of a number of means. To help choose an area, take a look at our other research projects

Alternatively, the group occasionally has earmarked funds for a specific research project, in which case application details are included with the research description below.

Currently there are no earmarked studentships available.

Sources of funding

Unless you are a self-funded student, the possible sources of finance for your studies will be determined by your nationality. For UK Nationals, funding is typically by Research Council scholarships which cover fees and living expenses. These grants are awarded on a department-wide basis, and the AIG typically receives two or three of these each academic year. Non-UK EU Nationals are also eligible for Research Council support, but this only covers tuition fees, and these students must find maintenance support elsewhere. For Non-EU nationals an important source of funding is the Overseas Research Scholarship (ORS) awards. These are applied for accross the University, supported by a case by the students' potential supervisor. They are highly competetive, and generally have a low rate of success.Self funded students should consult the University's postgraduate funding pages for costs.

How to apply

Summer Internships

We are sorry that we are unable to offer summer placements or internships, and we get so many requests by email for these that we can't even promise to reply to them all. If you are a self-funded student and would like to spend some time with the group, then please contact one of the members of acadmic staff; however without your own funding we are not able to help.