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Non GPL Versions of MAVERIK

Does the GPL inhibit you from using MAVERIK?

A question we have been asked by a number of organisations is whether MAVERIK is available for commercial use. The GNU GPL is designed to protect MAVERIK by allowing anyone to use it at no cost, but prevents distribution of any software built with MAVERIK, unless that is also issued free under the same terms. This can cause problems in some organisations. However, as the copyright holders of the original MAVERIK source we are able to distribute non-GPL'd versions of (our version of) MAVERIK under a commercial license. We are exploring the possibility of providing support for versions issued through this route, in much the same way that Red Hat provides support for the Linux system.

If we are to pursue this then we need to gauge the level of interest. So if this would be of interest to you, please contact us at We'd like to emphasise, however, that we remain committed to issuing our software free under the GPL, for those who want to use it.