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The Maverik Beta Package : Introduction

The Maverik beta package contains additional code that is "work in progress" - it might be useful to you, but it is not in a "complete" state. By this we mean the code is undocumented; needs cleaning up; may not be fully functional; may change in future; and may not compile on your platform (although it has been tested on Irix and Linux). In short, use it at your own risk.

It is beta code that, once polished, we intend to put into the main distribution. But (a) you might find it useful now, and (b) we'd be interested in any feedback.


The current beta package consists of a collision detection library and a force field navigation technique.


The beta package requires a post 6.0 version of Maverik to be present (any later version should suffice). To install the beta package untar maverik-beta-1.4.tar.gz or in the top level Maverik directory. The source code will be installed in src/extras/beta and the include files in incl. To compile the beta package simply type "make" in the top level Maverik directory.

Read the README.BETA file before use. This file also describes the example programs.