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Previous Research
Reconstruction and re-lighting

The Daedalus Project

Generating realistically lit interactive virtual environments for architectural design and planning by recovering 3D geometry and illumination data from photographs. [More...]
Virtual reality telepathy framework

Testing for Telepathy using Immersive Virtual Reality

A collaborative project with the University of Manchester School of Psychological Sciences to evaluate a novel immersive virtual reality framework for conducting research into telepathy. [More...]
Picture of protein rendered using Ambrosia


A European Model for Bioinformatics Research and Community Education: Integrating and visualising the major bioinformatics databases and tools. [More...]
Picture of protein rendered using Ambrosia

Virtual Reality as a Rehabilitative Technology for Phantom Limb Experience

An investigation into whether immersive Virtual Reality technology may be used to reduce the problems associated with Phantom Limb Pain. [More...]

Previous Research
Screenshot a hotspot analysis of BBC news web pages. Screenshot showing haptic collaboration. Screenshot of the GODIVA system.

Directed Attention

This feasibility study examined how saliency, graphical layout, and task related semantics combine to aid the process of navigation and information retrieval on Web pages. [More...]

Collaborative Haptics

This project developed and tested techniques, in collaboration with the EVE group at UNC-CH, to facilitate haptic collaboration over the Internet. [More...]


On this project, ways to Visualise large oceanographical data sets, using commodity hardware were developed. [More...]
Screenshot of the ARIS system. Screenshot of the DIVIPRO system. Screenshot of the DEVA system.

Augmented Reality Image Synthesis (ARIS)

Augmented Reality Image Synthesis through illumination reconstruction and its integration in interactive and shared mobile augmented reality systems was investigated on this large multi-partner European Comission project.


A system for distributed, Interactive Virtual Prototyping was developed as part of a large multi-partner European Comission project. [More...]


A framework to support Distributed Environments for Visualisation Applications was developed on this project. [More...]
Screenshot from the REVEAL project. Screenshot from the VRLSA project. Volume rendering screenshot.


REVEAL investigated techniques for creating plausible virual environments with accurate global illumination and geometry based on real-world scenes. The techniques were evaluated for scene-of-crime reconstruction in collaboration with Greater Manchester Police. [More...]

VR for large scale applications (VRLSA)

VR For Large Scale Applications concentrated on the development of industrial applications and resulted in the release of our MAVERIK VR kernel. [More...]

Radiation Therapy Planning in 3D

In collaboration with the Christie Hospital in Manchester, this project investigated the use of autostereoscopic technologies for the display and direct manipulation of volumetric medical data. [More...]