The Advanced Interfaces Group

The University of Manchester Advanced Interfaces Group researches virtual environments, collaborative visualization systems, and computer vision. The group is led by Steve Pettifer [ contact ].

Current projects| Previous projects (1996-2009)

Phantom Limb Pain
Utopia Documents Open PHACTS Phantom Limb Pain rehabilitation
[Image of real-time hand tracking] width= eye with dynamic contour observation
Vision-based Interfaces Retinal imaging in diabetes and glaucoma Simulation of blockplay in early childhood
Augmented Reality for Public Engagement

Exploring the
Uncanny Valley

General Polygon
Clipper (GPC)

Academic staff

Aphrodite Galata Toby Howard Tim Morris
Aphrodite Galata Toby Howard Tim Morris
Steve Pettifer Roger Hubbold  
Steve Pettifer Roger Hubbold

Research staff

James Marsh Dave Thorne
James Marsh Dave Thorne

PhD students

Aphrodite Galata
Toby Howard
Tim Morris
Steve Pettifer
Issa Abbasi

Alex Constantin

Martin Fergie
Xin Bao
Raza Ali
Shaun McGlinchy
Monica Valenzuela Delgardo
Myrna Frias
Xing Yu
Abdulmalik Mohammed
Suraya Mohammad
    Abdullah Sindhu  
Mike Taylor